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Segovia: A “Puppeteer City”!

By |noviembre 12th, 2013|

Segovia, that’s it. Typical things to visit here: “The Aqueduct”, “The Alcazar”, “Santa Maria┬┤s Cathedral”… “Must visit” places when you come to this city and meet the celtic, roman history… But, not a lot of people get to know Segovia from the point of view of a “Puppeteer”. And, this is not a common blog, so let’s explain first: What is a puppeteer? It is a person that makes puppets and plays a role at puppet shows. But, the initial idea has been modified, and nowadays a lot of the puppeteers play traditional music and act as heralds for the shows. They use traditional instruments reminding us the old days when the folklore was in its best times. […]

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