When someone asks me about what I do for living, I know my answer will be difficult to understand for most people, especially if they are not in the “Tourism” sector.

Three years ago I started as Area Development Manager (responsible of various regions) in Keytel. And, what is KEYTEL? Keytel is a Hotel Representative with over 40 years of experience, which manages a portfolio of 1,400 hotels aprox. all over the world. In the end, we give them a solution of marketing, distribution and sales, providing them with clients, companies and travel agencies. www.keytelhotels.com

We are part of HOTUSA GROUP, which is a group formed by Keytel, Restel, Hotusa, Eurostars Hotels and Hotelius.com.

My role in Keytel is about selecting and contracting new hotels in my regions (national or international) that fit with Keytel’s profile, so we can be their representative and give them a very personalized solution.

Yes, I love my job. For all the experiences I have explained you in my last posts, traveling, meeting cultures and people, attending events, are for me the most important things on my “to do list”.

And it is because of this that I travel so much, and I feel lucky to get to meet great people, experts, from who I learn and I also show them how I can help them reaching their goals.

Discover places, travel around, live the rural or the urban nature. For me, everything has its charm. Nowadays, we need to be different, give results to our needs which become more and more exigent. And one of those “demands” is finding “what the tourist feels attracted to” when traveling. Maybe the cultural change? Maybe a time off? Or a getaway break? Maybe because of business? Or discovering new places? There  are many possibilities in Travelling… But we have a lot to learn and discover!

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If traveling is one of your favourite things in life, you will understand all topics this blog will talk about.

Because I want you to live what I live, I want you to discover what I see, and I want you to enjoy what I write.


Revealing Tourism