Yes, I have changed my life a little bit… And I say “a little bit” because I am still working inside the world of Tourism, but more specifically… “diving” into the high level gastronomy of Madrid.

Spanish Gastronomy has become one of the main contributions (13%) of the general income within the Tourism of Spain. There are more than 7.000 restaurants in Madrid and a lot of them are different, which means a diversity of fantastic options for each palate. That’s why I very much think this is a great opportunity for Spain, where our chefs & gastronomy are the best players playing for the best team!

Four months ago I started working for RESTO-IN as a City Manager. Resto-in was born in Paris 8 years ago and it is the leading food delivery service in various European countries. Our best difference above all is that you can only choose between the best restaurants in your city, satisfying individual tastes and wishes.

My main role is developing the area of Madrid: Selecting and contracting new trendy & different restaurants, contributing in the community management and starting commercial actions. All focused in executing the delivery service for our restaurants. So you, my customers, can taste their excellent food!

Yes, I (again) love my job. It provides me knowledge about the high level gastronomic world and I also get the opportunity to taste it!

I feel very lucky to be a part of this team, being able to contribute commercializing a great service. Meeting experts, the most incredible chefs and getting to know their point of view giving them a solution, including new clients.

If you think that your favourite restaurant in Madrid should be in our list, just PM me! We are open to know your needs!

Are you ready to taste the best restaurants in Madrid at your home/work?