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Kalimera my Revealers,

As we all know, Athens is the capital and largest city of Greece. City of writers, artists and philosophers, where I was lucky to discover it as the artistic and unknown Athens; from the business of Tourism’ point of view.

At my arrival, I met 2 greeks, who took me to the old Athens, the “undiscovered” Athens. Narrow streets, archaeological remains, restaurants, parks… And more hills than I knew there were. When I think about a hill in Athens, I imagine the one with the Parthenon. But there are 5! So we went up the hill of the Parthenon (from the opposite side of it) and saw this amazing view, with the Licabeto hill in the middle of it:

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Licabeto hill is supposed to be the best place to see the Akropolis

We discovered this new place called “Artist’s coffee place”which is totally greek. A rooftop where you can watch the sunset, have a cup of coffee or a cocktail. Chill out atmosphere…

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Athough this visit was a business trip, I got plenty of surprises. My clients took me to beautiful places and, at least, I got a little time to see the Parthenon and the Akropolis Museum. So recommendable both of them!

Close to the Akropolis, I found a modern/cool restaurant, “very greek” at an affordable price: “Souvlaki Bar”. If you look for the less touristic places, this is your restaurant. I had a fantastic greek salad and souvlaki, delicious!

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Souvlaki Bar

Now that I am talking about restaurants… Here is one of the best places I have ever tried: The “Attikos Greek House”. With this picture, I don’t need to explain anything, right?

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If you would like to taste fresh, exquisite and traditional fish, you should go to “Delfinia”, a restaurant in Glyfada (the port). Following the greek tradition, all meals are accompanied by the famous Greek liquor Ouzo.

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In one of my crazy taxi trips, I got to see Monastiraki: a cultural flea market neighbourghood in the old town of Athens, where you can shop and watch fire shows, music events… But what I strongly recommend for shopping is Ermou Street, full of international and traditional shops. It starts in Plaka. Monastiraki and Plaka are considered the hearts of Athens.



Blondie tips:

Be careful, ALWAYS, with the taxi drivers because some of them are illegal. This is the only city where I had “issues”. They will do whatever to earn more money! Try to ask always for the “Apodixi” (receipt) so they will take you more serious and if you have any problems, it will be faster to solve. And don’t forget to ask them to turn on the taximeter!

– One of the best clubs in town is Balux Café. You should try the Amaretto Shower (a cocktail).

– If you want to take a taxi from the city to the airport the official cost is 35€+4€taxes+toll without the taximeter. But I have discovered that if you turn on the taximeter it will cost you 30€ + toll.


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