Truth is, this city has suffered a lot after being battled over in 115 wars and razed to the ground 44 times. But, that’s what makes it so special: its strength.

The reason why I love this city is its naturalness. Because of its history, it is so easy to see how the Serbians live, what they like doing and how open-minded they are to accept you. They love the European culture, they want to learn everything from you. And they will show you their habits as if you were one of them. You are in Europe, but you feel the difference. That’s what I like, the difference.

Belgrade is the capital of Serbia and was the capital of Yugoslavia from its creation in 1918 until its disolution in 2006. The official coin is the Serbian dinar (1€= 115 RSD), what makes it an affordable country for Europeans. Serbia has a population of almost 8 million while 1.5 live in Belgrade.

To get to the centre from the airport, I always rented a car (around 200€ for 10 days). You will have to pass by one of the “doors of Belgrade”, which are the West (Genex Tower) and the East. The “Genex Tower” is the second highest building in Belgrade which consists of two edifices connected by a revolving restaurant. 

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“Belgrade’s heart” lays in the Kalemegdan Park, which reflects the power of a culture that has been always in need of defending itself from others. You will be able to imagine the whole fortress of the city and its population. It is also a zoo, a place for expositions and concerts, a point for “first kisses”… And, in the top, “the Winner” holding the Serbian pride.

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“Knez Mihajlo St.” (a pedestrian street surrounded by shops and markets) leads into this park, as the Sava River leads into the Danube. Around this street, you can find restaurants & cocktail bars, like the Hotel Moskva which has a cool terrace for cocktails. Knez Mihajlo’s monument is located in the Republic Square as well as the National Theatre (Narodno Pozoriste), the biggest and most important theatre in Serbia. In the beggining, the Serbian Parliament.


Kalemegdan Park

The “Temple of Saint Sava”, known as a point of reference for the Serbian Orthodox religion. It is the largest Orthodox church in the world.

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My favourite place in Belgrade: Ada Ciganlija (Ada Lake), they call it “the beach of Belgrade”. Located in the Sava river course. There is a lot you can do here: water sports, sunbathing on its 7 km long beach or enjoy a cocktail at the numerous chill out places. I reccommend you tasting the “Palacinke” with nutella and plazma. 



Wanna go shopping? Then go to USCE or DELTA CITY.



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